Our motto is ‘technique and heart’ – and you are in good hands with us in our bright, fully air-conditioned rooms equipped with the latest technology.

As a specialist in conservative, holistic and sustainable medicine, I am available in the following fields:


  • Rheumatology (D)
  • Orthopaedics / traumatology FMH
  • Acupuncture ASA
  • Chirotherapy / manual medicine SGMM
  • Osteology (recertified in 2012, CCIP)
  • Interventional pain therapy SSIPM
  • Sports medicine (D)
  • Sonographic and radiological diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system, including sonography of infant hips (Graf)


In general, a careful analysis of all the elements of the musculoskeletal system is required – bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and, in particular, with my years of experience, muscles.

In addition, however, we see all the other organs in the search for the correct diagnosis and best treatment unless they are of meaning for the solution of your problem.

In addition to new fully digital X-ray and ultrasound machines, a blood testing laboratory is also available in our consulting rooms.


Practice team

Dr. med. Wolfgang Terhorst

Specialist training; establishment of private practice in Germany from 1993-2009; Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director of the Rehabilitation Clinic Hasliberg to 2012; took over the practice of Dr. Sidler in Zug on 1 March 2013.

Specialist in rheumatology (D)

Specialist in orthopaedics / traumatology FMH

Acupuncture ASA

Manual treatment SAMM

Interventional pain therapy SSIPM

Sports medicine (D)


Mrs. Ursi Bächler

Mrs. Pia Ams


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